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How you got here:





You can GET something for FREE!

There are FREE things every once in a while in this world! DataWorkZ.com and its grand Network of sites has brought you this FREE website with FREE SEEDS!

All it takes is a self addressed stamped envelope mailed to the address above and please include your email address. And that's it! We'll take care of the rest and send you 10 FREE FLOWER SEEDS!

You will be sent 10 seeds of our choice to the address marked on the self addressed stamped envelope that you send to us.

There is a limit of one FREE 10 Seeds package per mailing address.

Supplies are limited and all seeds were harvested from the 2006 growing season. Seeds will be shipped with simple instructions. Please allow up to 6 weeks to receive your free seeds. This is due to overwhelming positive response to this FREE offer!

While we do not allow for choices; however, you can make a suggestion of what you prefer and if we have it, we will send it. BUT this in not a guarantee of any kind for what type of flower seed you might get.

FREE SEEDS are sent to any US Resident within the contingent US States as long as the state allows. Please DO NOT request seeds from outside of the USA or from states that do not allow for shipment of seeds!

Please understand that we make no warranties or guarantees of any kind with these FREE SEEDS. This is a FREE GIFT and what you get is what you get, the seeds and what you do with them in the end, is strictly up to you. Free Flower Seed and DataWorkZ.com are not responsible for your actions with these seeds at anytime!

No pesticides were used in raising these seeds at any time. These seeds are from flower seeds grown in the Western NC Mountains.

And the BONUS is, you can order one FREE Package of 10 SEEDS each year! So send for your seeds now and then you can order more seeds next year!


What kind of seeds do we have?

Strictly on a what is available basis, but we may have cosmos, bachelors buttons, marigold - several varieties, tickseed or commonly referred to as coreopsis, and some others. In most cases you will receive Marigold or Coreopsis seeds since this is the majority of the seeds that we have available. Some seeds are wildflower seeds, some are perennial seeds, and some are annual seeds.

If you like our seeds, feel free to check out our eBay store that carries our seeds, cuttings, and more! http://stores.ebay.com/dataworkz

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Visit http://www.freegiveaways.us and sign up for terrific FREEBIES!


Once again, WELCOME!

We hope you enjoy your FREE seeds!